Sanwa OBSF-24 - Orange

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Sanwa Denshi Japan Arcade Push Buttons OBSF-24 [ORANGE]

Sanwa Denshi Japan Arcade Push Buttons OBSF-24 [ORANGE]

The SANWA OBSF-24 is the smaller cousin to the Sanwa OBSF-30 pushbutton.  Most joystick start, select or turbo options use this button. These buttons are compatible with the MadCatz line of FightSticks, Qanba FightSicks and custom joysticks.  These low-profile buttons are specifically for joysticks that use a metal control panel.

Sanwa's 24mm button snap right into most configurations, and offer the best reaction time, smoothest and quietest of any button.  The buttons are available in a variety of colors for great customization.

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