Sanwa OBSC-24 Translucent Buttons - Green

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Sanwa Denshi Japan Arcade Translucent Push Buttons OBSC-24 [Clear GREEN]

Sanwa Denshi Japan Arcade Translucent  Push Buttons OBSC-24 [Clear GREEN] 

Sanwa latest and highly anticipated addtion to their hugely popular arcade button lineup comes in the form of 24mm translucent buttons! Available in 6 colors, these still feature the feather-sensitive, competition-ready SW-68 microswitch and are a great completement to your existing setup.

These Sanwa pushbuttons are OEM on most Japanese arcade cabinets. They are also the choice of most fighting game console players. If you are building your own joystick or modding a store bought joystick, then these are the perfect buttons for a classic Japanese arcade feel. You may able to add graphics behind main button, also you can install led backlight to buttons from underneath. There are many ways to mod your joystick with these.

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