RISK: The Walking Deadâ„¢ Survival Edition

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Exclusively distributed by Diamond Comics

As the leader of a group of survivors, you are responsible for the fate and possibly the future of the human race. The dead have risen and terrify at every turn! But perphaps the greatest dangers of all in this apocalyptic new landscape are the other survivors you will encounter along the way.

To survive, you need to grow the influence, population and meager resources of your group. You must fight through death and horror and expand into more territories. When the inevitable overrun of walkers occurs, the group controlling the most territories will stand alone and win the deadly game of Survival.

Over 360 pieces include 4 sets of survivor pieces and 1 set of walker pieces, as well as a custom game board, 28 event cards, 32 territory cards 5 group leader cards, 3 guard tower chips, 4 grenade chips, 30 ammo crate chips, 1 outbreak tracker chip, 2 black defense dice, 3 red attack dice, and a survival manual.

AGES 13+
2-6 players



  • Zombies, also known as "Walkers" in The Walking Dead, will populate areas of the map and will continue to randomly spawn at the start of each players turn providing increased danger for the players.
  • A new deck of "Supply Cards" will add strategy, fun and flavor to this classic tabletop game and "Event Cards" which reference story events from The Walking Dead provide players with challenges with potential rewards and penalties to create even more suspense filled interaction.
  • The tokens, dice and cards represent essential The Walking Dead items that are used to strategically plan and execute plans of attack and build defense throughout the game.
  • Gamers can expect a fast-paced game of attrition and survival, where this time—the last man standing wins!


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