Kist Vue HM-6000 Touch Screen TFT/LCD Car Black Box


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NEW Kist Vue HM-6000 Touch Screen TFT/LCD Car Black Box / Car Dashboard Camera / G-sensor GPS 2CH HD 720P DVR 16GB included


Front 3,000,000 pixels / 2.8" Touch LCD, PIP Support / Support HD 1280X720P resolution - Support 1280X720P high-resolution encoding / Event Recording - Emergency recording in certain shocks and events for a given period / Continuous Recording - Continuous Recording of all running in driving and parking / Parking Recording Function - Automatic switch to the parking recording mode in a few minutes after parking to save the video with low speed frame (5 frames) / Motion Detection - Parking recording mode to record only when the camera detects the movements of vehicles and objects / Security LED - In running the Black Box, automatic flashing to prevent the other vehicles' approach from damage and robbery Continuous Power Protection Function (discharge shut-off function) / Sound Recording Selection - The machine is designed to record the video and audio simultaneously, and press the button not to record the sound if want the privacy Power Compensation Function / Overwrite Function - Overwrite from the oldest file in order if the memory is full / Manual Recording - In emergency or necessity, press the button to save the file manually / Easy GPS Expansion Pack - Able to use the GPS function easily if buying the holder with internal GPS / Firmware Update / Exclusive Viewer Program / Free Volt Power / Temperature Protection Function (automatic reset) - If the temperature is higher than 70°C due to the long exposure of vehicle in hot summer, automatic power shut-off to protect the product life and prevent the fire. If the temperature is lower than a certain degree, automatic power reset by the watch dog function

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