ATR / APT (Micro2) Fuse Set of Assorted 10 PCS

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 ATR / APT (Micro2) Fuse Set of Assorted 10 PCS

ATR / APT (Micro2) -The MICRO2 Fuse is the new standard for vehicle circuit protection. Its sub-miniature design meets the need for more circuits to be protected while utilizing less space and its ability to cope with high temperatures in adverse environments makes the MICRO2 Fuse of recommended choice for protection.

Each bag contains:
5A x 2
7.5A x 2
10A x 2
15A x 2
20A x 2

Voltage Rating : 32 Volts DC
Interrupt Ratings : 1000A @ 32 Volts DC
Operating Temperature Range : -40°C to +125°C
Terminals : Ag plated zinc alloy
Housing Material : PA66
Length : 9.1mm
Width : 3.8mm
Height : 15.3mm

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