ATO/ATC/APR (Regular) - 5A FUSE


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ATO/ATC/APR (Regular) - 5A FUSE
ATO/ATC/APR (Regular) - 5A FUSE The APR regular automotive blade fuses are a drop-in replacement for the popular ATO / ATC fuses (Littelfuse / Bussmann respectively). These fuses have been used by automotive OEMs for over 25 years and are considered the standard for all low-voltage battery applications. The fuses are rated at 32 VDC. Patented and introduced in 1976 by Littelfuse, it became the international fuse standard by 1981. It is currently found on most cars, trucks, buses and off road vehicles worldwide. Features Littelfuse designed industry standard color coding to indicate amp rating. What's the difference of ATC fuses vs ATO fuses? ATO Fuse: These fuses have a small gap in the housing between the "blades", making it open to air inside the fuse box. Some question the use in marine applications. ATC Fuse: These fuses are fully encased in plastic, making them ideal for almost all uses. Voltage rating: 32VDC Designed to meet American National Standard SAE - J1284 Size: 0.73"L x 0.75"W x 0.20"D Common names: Blade fuse, ATO, ATC
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ATO/ATC/APR (Regular) - 5A FUSE